As GLOWS, we want to leave a green footprint on our mother earth with the products and technologies we have developed and produced for a healthier and better quality life in our rapidly depleted world, with a sustainable society awareness.

For us, “sustainable social awareness” means to be responsible for leaving a healthy and livable world for future generations; it means to act knowing that the legacy that will be left to the future, all of its work, can be achieved by protecting the environment and our resources, and to share our knowledge, experience and technology with our solution partners.

For this reason, we take care that all the products we produce are human, animal, material, nature and user friendly. We are working on technologies that will not pollute water resources, easily decompose in nature, do not harm energy resources, can be applied safely and ONLY using raw materials obtained from natural resources, without trials and tests on animals, for the benefit of humanity.

Ecological and Environmentally Friendly Technology

GLOWS products are manufactured with raw materials obtained from completely natural sources, and petro-chemicals, petro-solvents, corrosive and aggressive chemicals, chemicals that will harm the skin and health in long-term use (SLS, SLES, paraben, formaldehyde, ammonium, phosphate, nitrate and ammonium) derivative, corrosive and aggressive chemicals and dyestuffs) are not used.

100% biodegradable products are developed and produced in a very short time. Thanks to anti-allergic, fast-dissolving and fast-degrading active ingredients, nature and water resources are protected. We produce environmentally friendly technologies with dermo cosmetic products that protect the eco system when the residue is mixed with nature.

About our online store

Modern man has now lost his balance.

The living conditions that surround us have offered us many conveniences under the name of modernity. We no longer use our bodies as before, many jobs that require physical activity are done by machines. Our diet has become completely based on industrial food. When we get sick, we immediately use drugs to heal our bodies and poison them at the same time.

In short, modern man has lost his balance.

We are here for studies and natural products for people to realize their essence and discover their healing power.

CleanInnova Laboratories

“Partnership for a clean future”

CleanInnova has been carrying out high-tech clean innovations and productions since 2009. Our innovation-driven approach uses design thinking to help our clients explore their future. We bring our healthcare and life science innovation capabilities together across a range of organizational units to help develop and deliver breakthrough innovations for our customers and scale them faster.

Gathering input through curiosity, co-creation and collaboration, we drive health and life science innovations by bringing together all the components and different groups needed to get back to nature.

Confidentiality is at the core of our innovation business. CleanInnova works with many scientists and technologists from around the world. We are able to provide our customers in different market segments with particularly customized solutions optimized for different applications and needs. CleanInnova dynamically meets the needs of its business partners.

CleanInnova hosts production units of nature-based chemicals, nano chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dermocosmetics, ozone therapy devices.